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Any high school graduate when enrolled in any free vocational school to become  example :plumber, roofer, electrician, AC service man Appliance service man, carpenter Draftsmen or  Graphic designer she'll apply for government   monthly living incentive assistance. Job's position she'll be provided after school completion with 5% salary deduction. Give and take and get guarded peace in our country."


Good say: half of health is hygiene, another half is nutrition.

See cure cancer and microbes.


Anyone who got job after  free vocational school with free living expenses while in school will not need any drug abuse. People are taking drugs because of financial problems, job and school discrimination.

I will not place a drug addict in jail. Our country pays  jail cost up to $65.000 annually per person. It is much smarter and cheaper  to pay vocational school for each drug addict.   


What will I do for Congress

Supported by Congress and Dr Ljubo Skrbic candidate for congress district 21

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Vote for Ljubo Skrbic district 21.

About candidate:

DR LJUBO SKRBIC was medical professor for 30 years, author and publisher of 18 medical textbooks. 6 Continents world traveler. Teaching medical seminars at: Howard University, New York University, Toronto University, 30 years Director of medical school.

I will do for you in the congress all the following:

18 Spectacular Items on My Platform

  1. Free occupational school carrier

  2. Help children and disabled people

  3. Increase social security benefits

  4. Free health insurance for everybody

  5. Help needed citizens

  6. Increase veteran benefits

  7. Prevent cancer, strokes, and heart problems

  8. Prevention and cure of alcohol, smoking and drug consumers

  9. Prevent children’s mental disabilities

  10. Prevent war before it happens

  11. Prevent pollution

  12. Reduce and prevent crime and school shooting

  13. Prevent fire and storm hazards

  14. Reduce property taxes

  15. Proper solution for Florida lakes flood.

  16. No-abortion restriction

  17. Enforcement of gun control

  18. Foreign trade with education and international correlation improvement


Congress candidates’ meetings are open for public on CNN TV channel to call by your phone and say your problem. I heard and saw with my eyes many congressmen and governors sad: People, please call and tell your problem so that we can help you.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Democracy is a rule of the people, for the people and by the people". It means that democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people. The citizens of the our country elect the Government to rule the country and the elected government work for the welfare of the people.

If it looks good, sounds good, fills good, THEN GO FOR IT! This formula made me reach, so vote for DR Ljubo Skrbic for congress district 21.


Describe your problem by email

If you vote with little donation will build my high credibility in congress so that we together resolve your problem. When you donate $10 you will benefit thousands back.

So, let’s make rules and law to get what we want.

If someone gets affected directly, it affects all other indirectly. We are all one family.


We are very thankful for our alliances throughout the word. They are our real friend. When our country was in economic trouble, China donated to our country about $7 billion. It was free, without any obligation. In addition, we all are aware that American Chinese people are drug free, and alcohol free, very polite, and educated.

China stated that trading with US is more profitable than trading with the rest of the world.

Years ago, during North Korea nuclear threat, China convinced North Korea to change their nuclear policy. From conversation between Chinese official and Putin, China recommended Putin to stop war in Ukraine.

We must take in consideration that our country must enforce education instead enforcing fines and jail. It cost our country for every person in the jail about $80,000 annually.

When we provide to all our citizens: American black, American white, all Latino, and all other US residents, we shall provide free occupational school, such as roofing, carpentry, air conditioning, and other similar occupation, 6 month or more of free school and salary to go to this occupational school should be provided. It may cost us about 10 times less of what we pay for the jail, drugs and  alcohol  rehabilitation, and accidents, public demonstration, and strikes.  After getting certificate and job they will gain respect, be responsible, with honesty.

My dream is to open a center with my future members of, and I am inviting the entire world to join me including Republic of China to gain prosperity and raise our reputation with fame throughout the world. I am especially impressed with China. I personally experienced 9 days visit in Beijing, where I was surrounded by China people many times, asking curious and sweet questions about the US, I felt like God and felt these people like angels. Therefore, the Republic of China could play major role, putting in experience and techniques, providing our students with their beautiful communication skills to teach and conduct above-mentioned occupational school.

Professor Ljubo Skrbic, MD

3230 S Ocean Blvd #103, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Phone: 561-808-5588



21 Directions for Success

By H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

  1. Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.

  2. Work at something you enjoy and that's worthy of your time and talent.

  3. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

  4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

  5. Be forgiving of yourself and others.

  6. Be generous.

  7. Have a grateful heart.

  8. Persistence, persistence, persistence.

  9. Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.

  10. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.

  11. Commit yourself to constant improvement.

  12. Commit yourself to quality.

  13. Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect.

  14. Be loyal.

  15. Be honest.

  16. Be a self-starter.

  17. Be decisive even if it means you'll sometimes be wrong.

  18. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.

  19. Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did.

  20. Take good care of those you love.

  21. Don't do anything that wouldn't make your Mom proud.







I am aware that we need all you can get about people needs and likes in the aspect of safety and security.

I strongly wish that all doctors, architects, attorneys, judges, celebrities, should be approved to carry concealed gun.

Make gun unrestricted in any building or properties, street, stores, events. All others should write and pass written test with background checked.

Explanation: We got reduced number of policemen, and we got to be ready to defend our self our property our children and all citizens. Small gun or Beretta suffices. Wounded robber we shell upon his recovery enroll him in free vocational school for: roofing, plumbing, AC service or some other, and give him salary while attending classes regularly to reset criminal person to professional, otherwise he will continue repeating criminal activity.

 If we get anyone in jail, from statistical data, our country pays average $70.000 per person each year.

US has the highest in the world mass incarceration, $180 billion dollars annual cost we pay by our taxes.

Priest Earl opened a business recovery center.

He has cured and trained all his patient to do construction service. Priest Earl with his son and, with his 40 recovered men, rented my 3 houses for 45 days. In his team were recovered alcoholics, drug addict and some with criminal activity. Several times I ask some workers to do some work on my property, they refuse to charge me for service stating, good will bless them for things they do for people. 

I wish to get approval that we may shoot anyone entering or running away with our belongings over the fence. When anyone hurts someone and turns back running, we shall be permitted to shoot him from our gun. We need to enforce necessities.

We shall be permitted to fire gun and shoot unconditionally anyone unknown entering illegally over fence or trying to hurt you or rob you, we shall shoot anyone on street or store for robbery in parking attacking or beating anyone in public places as well.

Example: Andrew from California killed Versace in Miami Beach, Fl.

Andrew was rated the best student during studying theology. The director of Andrew school stated that Andrew was like an angel for 4 years, he never had any problems in our center. Andrew stated during events that he is son of prince from Germany and France.    

During casual parties, Andrew made numerous untrue stories

However, Andrew former angel changed into devil during his last social party he told friends that he will be world known popular man. If we had more freedom and carried a loaded concealed weapon, we could save the life of about 5 people that Andrew killed in shopping malls, throughout Andrew's journey from LA to Versace home in S. Miami Beach. Many people saw Andrew killing other people on parking of shopping malls. People with loaded guns shall shoot Andrew and stop further crime.

People learn gun policy, and they will take written test for gun policy. With passing gun written test, I trust that judgment of these gun owners is appropriate to be used according to our needs. You voter have the highest power in the US to make law by vote the most knowledgeable, reliable candidate.

            How to reduce school shooting, we learn well with examples:

We all remember a teacher with hobby gun practice target shooting with her mentally disabled little boy about 1-inch-wide pointed jaw typical trisomy 13, did a massive school shooting, and killed 17 pupils.

Very important point: prohibit expose of any murder's photo on TV. Many mental retarded children with low IQ and judgment understand the school shooting man is noble hero. The kid imitate murder to be on TV another hero.

I am author of 18 books, including biostatistics and preventive medicine. The best answers for prevention are:

- Stop production of CDs with gun shooting practice toy

- Prohibit any TV channel with gun shooting for children

- Stop selling any toys weapon or gun toys.

Parents shall be serious no to expose children to any dangerous and harmful activity.

Mental disabled children shall have separate classroom and separate their living facility to avoid resentment.

We must bear in mind that great majority of crime is done by people with luck of education or mental disabled.

For US is much chipper to provide free occupational schools, free monthly salary until we find them job and deduct 5% from salary, for service.                                                         

There are 5,600,000 mental disabled in the US. It cost US $652 billion annually.

Every year, there are 120,000 newborn mental defective.

I can accomplish 17 items in my platform save billions by prevention:

- Prenatal counseling

- Educate no to consume alcohol, drugs, and smoking before and during pregnancy

- Prevent sexually transmitted diseases

- Ensure proper nutrition and exercise


We greatly appreciate your power with mental and monetary support.


Some people buy the gun and handle it in front of family. Many of the parents take the children to practice shooting with gun. For example, one of the richest men in the Santa Monica California son, commit suicide with the father’s gun.  There are many of these cases that gun has been misused in the family, so therefore gun license center should make a special attention and instruction for safety for families with minors, especially with mental defective one. Please note that current law has to many restrictions such as the gun owner cannot use gun for robber that is running away even if he hit you or hurt you. 90% of robbers return at the same location to do robbery again. Many times, robbers have the gun themselves, so who ever is faster with the gun handling will survive. Frequently we have only few seconds to stay alive.


When gun is used for defense has absolute court immunity.

We all know many incidents that sibling kill another sibling with father’s gun.

Please use and practice every day: respect, responsibility, and honesty


All the following is nothing but truth, help me God.


Please email or send by text message this page to process your reasons for described vote.


Unrestricted law gun license includes page 1, 2, 3               □ yes              □ no


Minimum gun price is $3000                                                      □ yes              □ no


I will vote for Dr Ljubo Skrbic by ballot                                    □ yes              □ no


I will vote for Dr Ljubo Skrbic in the person                            □ yes              □ no


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Professor Ljubo Skrbic, MD

3230 S Ocean Blvd #103, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Phone: 561-808-5588


Website: living in

Countries-High Educ











10. UNITED Kingdom

11. USA





I have dual citizenship US and Canada.

When I arrived to Canada 1973 government sent me to George Brown college . I was payed $500 monthly If attend George Brown class checked by calling names for school attendance. Many students where certified and job was arranged. Average $3500 monthly salary minus 5% deduction for school and job arrangement.


Within 5 years in Canada I never hear any strike, school massive shutting murders.

Canada immigrant citizens all have free health insurance.

I was paid to attend school.

With high salary, everybody is preoccupied with something. I never saw homeless people in Canada, many single mothers with children were getting $4000- $5000 monthly.


USA is number 2 richest country on this planet.

All our citizens are our flower that look nice if we care about them.

Parents and school guide educate children on 4 categories:

1. Respect

2. Caring

3. Responsibility

4. Honesty

If two or more of above is missing out of those 4 feature you may run in real trouble: loss of job, friend, wife, children, parents-and property.


Don't do anything that wouldn't make your Mom proud

by book from author JACKSON BROWN. He provides 21 REQUIREMENTS FOR SUCCESS:
















NOBEL PRIZE sent jpg 2.jpg

Hello everyone!

I promise I will provide you frequently very useful health information factors so you will remember me to vote for me for US congress next year.


1. Rice: If stays too long after cooking, it produces spore that can cause poisoning. Remember to freeze it after cooking it.

2. Oil: Do not let it smoke during cooking. Grape seed, flaxseed oils constantly heating become toxic. The toxins can be linked to heart disease, stroke, Parkinson disease and cancer

3. Potato: If left too long out of the fridge, for more than a couple of days, can cause botulism and green color potato below the skin, in this case, remove the green part of the potato, otherwise you can get headache and fatigue.

4. Chicken: Undercooked chicken can cause salmonella infection. Chicken meat has more protein than red meat. If you store it in a fridge, re heat only the portion you will eat, do not heat the whole amount. Salmonella causes tummy ache, nausea. If you store in the fridge immediately after cook, you should be safe.

5. Eggs: Undercooked eggs can cause salmonella and if you eat raw eggs, make sure you buy organic ones.

6. Mushrooms: Wild mushroom is dangerous. It can cause death if consumed.

Toxic components accumulate in our body, producing cancer:

Popcorn baked in oven

Burnt bread toast

Burnt meat or marshmallow – can cause nerve damage or cancer. If you burn it, throw it.

Hummus dipped baby carrot – soon as you chop it down, malt Nina bacteria converts nitrates to nitrites – which is anti-inflammatory and increases blood flow when it is needed. It is good for the heart. Too many nitrites is cancerogenous. Leftovers must be discarded immediately. High sources of nitrates: Celery, turnip, beats, leaf greens, leeks, cabbage, fennel,

Eggs: as in cookie dough with flour can increase incidents of infections by salmonella and e.coli.

Lobster and chicken, the best way to eat is fresh, otherwise they might have bacteria, causing infection if not cooked properly.

Professor Ljubo Skrbic, Md,


Deep body penetrating infra dry ray or one hour steam exposure is highly effective therapy for cancers, including viruses and bacteria.

149F or 65C degree kills microbes in 5 minutes; 140F or 60C degrees for 20 minutes Thermotherapy kills viruses, bacteria, cancer cells and fungus causing no harm to the human body. U.S. National Cancer Institute, NCI, originally published that thermotherapy effectively cures cancer.

The World Health Organization, WHO, contested that high temperature kills all microbial world including all viruses bacteria, fungus and cancers. That is why we successfully sterilize 100% all medical instruments used for surgical procedure.

Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, South Florida NCI Clinical Cancer Center, Chicago University Center, UCLA University, they all agree that high temperature can cure numerous diseases.

In addition thermotherapy cures:

Uni-polar and bipolar depression, anxiety, insomnia, alcoholism and high blood pressure, obesity, rejuvenate of entire body, dilates blood vessels and increase excretion of body toxic substances, improves appetite and adds muscle tonus with increase entire body power.

We provide free thermotherapy for any cancer, viral and bacterial pneumonia, also we offer cure for corona or delta exacerbation in exchange for small contribution to Washington Congers Center by Zelle to 561 808-5588, by PayPal to , or write check to the U.S. Treasurer, White House, Washington Center, P.O. Box 3059, 401 S. County Rd, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Schedule thermotherapy thru our email, write down desired date, we will notify you available date in Palm Beach, Delray Beach or Hollywood, Florida


Professor Ljubo Skrbic, Md,


Here are the requirements to have a successful cure by thermotherapy:

Before you start thermotherapy, you need to bring with you:

1. One bottle of water – you will lose a significant amount of fluids during perspiration. You need to drink water to avoid dizziness.

2. Towel – to wipe face to avoid sweat in the eyes.

3. Thermometer – to measure the temperature of the room, to know when you reach the minimum temperature of 140 degrees, so you can start timing with your watch.

4. Watch – You must stay a minimum of 23 minutes. Use the watch to keep track of time.


During thermotherapy, if you have a sore throat or running nose, breathe through your mouth and nose. If you have a cough, breathe through your nose, counting to 100, slowly breathing in and out.

Do not walk out of the sauna to take a cold shower. Stay in the sauna continuously minimum 23 minutes to kill bacteria and viruses. But if you want to cure cancer, you should stay much longer, if your body can handle it without being uncomfortable.

After you finish your thermotherapy, you may take a shower with warm water only.

Take a hot drink and take some salty snack.



Professor Ljubo Skrbic, Md,